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This is what Quarantine is causing!

The coronavirus is keeping all of us at home. Some people are not used to spending so much time in one place and it’s starting to show!  Here are some of the best pictures of people doing funny things during this quarantine. 

1, Quarantine? What is that? #Let’sTravel #TheTajMahal #LoveToMeetNewPlaces

2. It is never a bad day to feed the lovely pigeons! #The’reBeautiful #LovelyPigeons

3. Well, I guess it’s time to play hide and seek! #I’mSoSmart #MyIdeasAreTheBest

4. What a wonderful idea to keep us safe! #DinosaursHaveReclaimedTheLand

5. It’s  never too late to become a hairstylist! #Handsome #Cool

6. Let’s make new friends! #SoManyNewFriends #They’reBeautiful

7. Don’t forget to stick to your normal daily routine! #WorkFromHome     

8. C. Section went smooth and all babies are safe! #TheBabiesAreHealthy     

9. Remember to keep your daily rituals! #Let’sActAsIfEverythingWasNormal

10. Another Productive Day Working From Home! #iLoveToStayAtHome

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