This Is Why You Should Rethink Your Music Playlist

Many of us listen to music on a daily basis and have huge playlists filled with our favorite songs on our phones. But, did you know that the music you are listening to can actually change you? I’m afraid that it is scientifically proven that music can alter the way we act, feel, and perceive the world. I bet that when you are in a cheerful mood you listen to happier music, but when you are feeling down, you might listen to sadder music that ends up making you feel worse. This unfortunate mechanism is thanks to our brain and dopamine regulations.

If you listen to joyful music you probably see the world as a brighter place. However, if you listen to gloomier music you might see the world as a darker place. Studies show a link between rap music, crime, and substance abuse. Also, aggressive songs can make you more violent. If listening to certain songs changes your behavior negatively, can we also change our behavior positively? Luckily, it is possible. Upbeat music can increase your empathy, happiness, and even make you more generous.

  So, how can we use this to our advantage? We can incorporate happier music into our daily playlists. This small, but impactful act can truly change our lives. Not only does it improve your mood and overall happiness, but it can also be used as a tool to motivate and give off a rush of adrenaline. So, next time you are feeling unmotivated to study, exercise, or just need a little push try blasting your favorite song and turn the volume all the way up. This might help you ace that math test you have coming up soon. 

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