This is Your Seat!

Have you ever wondered how teachers decide where you are going to sit? Well… guess what? There is a secret seating arrangement that the teachers choose!

On the first day of school, most teachers let their students decide where to sit and this is where they investigate. Usually, when teachers let their students sit wherever they want, students tend to choose a seat right next to their friends or at least close to them. Teachers take note of it and separate them for the rest of the class in order to prevent their students from chatting in class and interrupting. 

Another thing that students check is if the student is quiet or loud. When students are loud, teachers usually put them at the edges so that they don’t bother anyone around them. However, teachers will put some students around the noisy ones, and those students tend to be quiet and shy kids. It is to encourage shy and introverted students to participate in class. 

Now you know how teachers choose where their students are sitting! So next time your teacher tells you to sit wherever you want… sit FAR FAR AWAY from your friend so that you have a better chance of sitting right next to your friend!

Jessica Hong

I am Jessi, and I still can’t believe that I’m a senior.

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