Tiger Woods Car Crash

Professional Golf player Tiger Woods was involved in a car crash that has left him injured. After an event, he was driving home in a loaner Genesis vehicle where he went over a median and rolled his car multiple times. They had to use an axe to get him out of the car. However, an alcohol test revealed he was not intoxicated, since he has a prior history of DIU and even wrecked his escalade. He suffered open fractures on his right leg fibula and tibia as well as shattering his ankle. Leaving the question will the master ever be able to play golf again? Some doctors speculate that it could leave him out forever since he has already had issues with his back and was in recovery from his 5th back surgery. Thankfully he didn’t suffer any further injuries on his back or any other part of his body. Another speculation is that he was asleep at the wheel at the time of the wreck. What do you think happened to the pro? Do you think hell come back to playing or is this the end of Tiger Woods’ professional career? 

Alex Gamarra

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