Tik Tok: Jawsh 685 and Leo Leiden

During the past year, the famous app TikTok became popular among teenagers and young adults. Quarantine maintained everyone at home and people found TikTok as a source of entertainment. This app was launched in September of 2016 and until now the app has more than 315 million downloads. The fame of this app had a great impact on the music industry. 

The app is known for the different trends it has with a variety of songs. The app helped various songs to become popular in the music industry. Various artists began a music career thanks to the trend the public made with their songs. A clear example of this is the New Zealand artist called Jawsh 685. People on Tik Tok started to dance with his song called “Laxed (Siren Beat)” and given time, the dance became a trend. The fame of this soon opened a big opportunity for Jawsh 685. Famous artists Jason Derulo saw the talent of Jawsh 685 and decided to do a collaboration with him. The same song was launched, but now with Jason Derulo. 

Another example is Leon Leiden and his song, “Gitana”. This song started with Leon Leiden singing a part of it. The interesting part of this was that Leon asked if people could sing a created verse for the song. The 5 best verses were going to add to the song. The audience received the short video in a positive way and more than a thousand videos were sent. The various videos showed the great talent people have. People around the world created their verses. At the end of the event, the 5 people that were chosen got together and created the song “Gitana”. This song now has its own golden disk and has more than 12 million views on Youtube.

As you can see, TikTok opened various opportunities to little artists. People can get very famous quickly thanks to this app. There are more examples such as Migrantes that also reached the top charts thanks to TikTok but that is a story for another time. 

Andres Alba

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