Time Travel and Parallel Universes

Have you ever thought, what would have happened if I had made a different decision? Well, maybe you have, well, in a parallel universe. Now, a parallel universe is a hypothetical theory where right now in time, there is another co-existing reality completely different from our own. The sum of all potential parallel universes is sometimes called the multiverse. You might have also heard of the term “alternate universe/reality”. Although sometimes it is used as a synonym of parallel universes, it actually has a slight difference. Alternate universes are variants of our own that have a different history: historical events are distinct and have happened differently.

Now, time travel plays a great role in alternative histories and universes and I’ll explain why. Time travel is a concept of movement between certain points in time. The hypothetical device used to time travel is the “time machine”. Think about this situation, if you time travel to the past and kill a young version of your grandfather, would you and your parents exist? Physicists struggle with these scenarios because of ways you can look at it. If you go back in time to kill a younger version of your grandfather, your grandfather wouldn’t have any children, erasing both you and your parents from history. However, if you are erased from the future, who killed your grandpa and how does he die? So traveling to the past to change the future is a paradox, it is a type of circle where you keep on going around and around the same idea.

So, at the same time, many theories and ideas on time travel have come up on whether you can actually alternate the past to change the future. These theories can be found in movies like “Back to the Future and Avengers: Endgame”. TV series like “The Flash”, “Supergirl”, and “Arrow”, also interpret ideas of parallel universes where things are completely different and where events that have taken place in one universe, haven’t taken place in others.

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