Whether you are feeling sad, lonely, or depressed, think about what Billie Eilish said, “I ruined so many things that could’ve been amazing because I was sad.” 

Time is an abstract noun that we cannot really touch, feel, or hear. We just know that it runs and never stops, taking with it what we want and what we don’t. It does not care about your achievements or your fails, nor the opportunities you had and failed to pursuit. It only ticks and tacks, taking away moments without giving them back. 

We are always being told about how we “should be thinking more about our future” -especially if you are a junior or senior in high school. We are told to enroll in as many clubs, CSPs, and organizations because it looks good when we apply. But stop. Ask yourself this one question: Do I enjoy what I am doing now? Even though all of these activities serve a bigger purpose, make sure that these are enjoyable. Hence if these are not, you are wasting your time. The present is the only present life has for us. It is the only time we have to amend mistakes or seek out solutions. Stop thinking about how the elder says that “we are the future of the planet” because we are not. We are the present, we are today. 

All our talks about climate change and how we must do something to stop the Poles from melting, are activities that we have been told that take time to solve. Not really though. You do not have to wait 5 years to become a bioenvironmental engineer to save the planet with new inventions. You can start today by picking up the trash your classmate left on the field and throwing it in the right bin. You can reduce the amount of time you take to shower and close the tap when you brush your teeth. The answer to a world problem does not rely on the great minds of engineers, it relies on yours. The moment you decide to become conscious about your ability to be an example for the rest is the day you become a leader and the answer to the problems we face today. 

Do not let time run you by 🙂 

Estefania Orihuela

My name is Estefania. I am a senior who loves the color turquoise. I am from Bolivia. My favorite food is barbecue. A word that would describe me would be extroverted.

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