Tips for Getting Better in Art

Many of us can produce wonderful art in many ways. Some are more talented than others, but in the end, every art piece is unique from others. Art can be such as a sport and with training or practicing you can get better with it. Just like you play a sport you can practice just like that with art. In this article, there will be some tips and tricks for you to outstand from the rest of your class. 

Our first tip is to concentrate on the art piece. For you to make a good artwork you must put concentration on it. For example, while painting in watercolors you must not stop painting one tone of color until you finish that tone. Another example could be that it can be tough to recreate one color if you didn’t finish painting it before. That is why if you want a good quality of artwork you must put much effort and concentration. 

The second tip is focusing on the outline and shapes of the artwork. If you are doing an art piece with no outline nor good shapes, you will get a messy and uneven art piece. For this, you need to have an outline and good shapes for your work. If not you will likely get a painting similar to a six-year-old kid. An outline is essential for the work to look good and even.

The third tip is to make a color harmony. For the majority of painting around the world, there is color harmony. Color harmony is a color combination that can be next in the color wheel or can it be opposite of the color. One example of color harmony in a painting:

This painting uses colors orange, red, brown, yellow

These colors are close to them in the color wheel. 


Dylan Apaza

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