Tips on how to become a teacher’s pet

It’s always best to stay on a teacher’s good side, especially when it comes to asking teachers for reference letters for college applications. Teachers tend to be more forgiving and lenient on students who show that they are dedicated in class, who appreciate their teachers work and who enjoy the subject and assignments. Teachers can be more willing to help the students who have these characteristics, either with their assignments or helping them understand an unclear topic better. Below are five quick tips a student should follow to optimize teacher support.

1. Ask good questions

Asking good questions does not only show the teacher that the student is paying attention, but also demonstrates that the student is actually dedicated in class. By asking good questions, a teacher will determine that you have a deeper level of understanding and that you care about the class.

2. Get involved in class discussions

Ask questions, try to answer simple questions asked in class and use small details mentioned by the teacher. This shows that you not only pay attention but have thought about the material.

3. Do your assignments and get good grades

By turning in assignments on time, putting effort into your work and exceeding the teachers’ expectations on assignments, you can really demonstrate your dedication and interest about the class/subject to your teacher.

4. Be respectful to your peers and your teacher

Talking in class or during lecture time is not just disrespectful towards the teacher, but also toward your other peers. Follow class rules and always do the work expected during class time (don’t be procrastinating or doing other classwork).

5. Talk to your teacher

To some student’ surprise, teachers are real people and enjoy having someone to talk to. Maybe you should try conversing with your teacher during because you might get a whole new perspective on who they are. More importantly they will get to know you better as well.

Sofia Zubieta

Sofia Zubieta is a 12th grader, she writes advice editorials. Sophia loves working with kids.

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