Tips on how to heal a broken heart

  1. Enjoy your independence

Do not try to recover lost love with despair or seek consolation in the arms of another. In order to forget, we must begin by getting rid of the attachment that only leads to suffering. When you feel like calling or looking for it, you just have to mentalize and tell yourself that you do not need it to be happy, that you can become an independent person.

2. List your strengths

If you wonder if you can overcome this breakup, the answer is that just as you have overcome other problems in life, you will succeed in this. Make a list of the difficulties you have been able to overcome, your successes and strengths.

3. Stop creating fantasies

Nostalgia takes over our most intimate desires. Imagine that he/she/other returns and we have a night of pleasure as before, it is frequent and it is not bad, but it can not become a routine, a continuous flow of thoughts.

3. Laugh, cry

Crying is an emotional discharge that relieves stress, the tension that is generated during the process of forgetting. Laughing is obviously the best way to maintain a positive attitude, to value life and that is even a proven medical therapy.

4. Make a list of the good and the bad

Check your wall on Facebook, your timeline on Twitter, call it with any excuse, find friends in common or even check the email to which you still have access, will not make you forget easily. Going out with new friends, returning to the hobbies you left or trying new ones is better. Write a list of things that help you and those that hurt you.

5. Exercise

Going into the kitchen or eating a lot of junk food will not contribute anything to your emotional or physical health, remember that neither food nor cigarettes will solve the problems for you. You are the strong woman/man who overcame all the problems that you already listed before! The endorphins that we release when doing sports and the energy that you will gain will be reflected in your emotional state and figure.

6. Create a new world

It’s time to build a new social world around you, look for those friends that you left aside for so long and dare to try new things such as diving classes, art, dance, etc.

7. Find hope

Sooner or later, this sadness and even anger will disappear, to forgive and forget the past, it is necessary to find hope that you can overcome this love break and move on.

Sofia Zubieta

Sofia Zubieta is a 12th grader, she writes advice editorials. Sophia loves working with kids.

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