Tips on Making Teachers Like you

Tips on Making Teachers Like you


Teacher’s pets, every class has had at least one of them and we all find them annoying. It’s the truth, but is there a way to make teachers like you without having the rest of the class hate you? Of course! The teacher liking you does not mean you are a teacher’s pet, but there is still a difference between being liked by the teacher and being the teacher’s pet.


The most important thing you always have to remember is to never have bad manners with teachers or anyone in general. Even a simple gesture such as saying hi can make a difference. Looking them in the eye when talking is a form of respect and everyone likes to be respected. Other forms of respect include, not interrupting, paying attention, and being part of the conversation when you are being talked to. This leads to my next point, interacting in class.


Online learning has been tough for all of us and even made us lazy, but now that we are finally going back to school we need to engage with the teachers as much as we can. This will not only lead to a better learning experience but also the teacher will like having you in class. Participating in class is the easiest way to show the teacher that you are interested in what they are saying, of course, for some subjects it is easier than others because of personal preference, but try to engage in every one of your classes as teachers might be more lenient in helping you if you need it.


For many teachers, the most valuable thing to get them to like you is turning in assignments on time and actually doing your formatives. This shows responsibility and that you care about the class. The perks of doing your work on time are not only the teacher being more flexible but also retakes. Some teachers have things that are more important to them than other teachers, for example, Mr. Carpio and punctuality. Being late to his class is like a death wish in terms of having him like you, but, if you are always on time, it is more likely that you will be a student he likes. 


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