Tips to Become a Great Leader

Leaders inspire their followers/workers to perform better. They are usually described as enthusiastic, passionate, genuine, and energetic. Although it may seem that they are only concerned about achieving goals, leaders also help each member of the group reach their full potential. Now, you may ask: “why is leadership important?” Well, it is very simple: leadership is in our daily lives. In some way, we all are leaders — whether you’re a parent, captain, manager, CEO, or teacher, you need to lead. This is why it is crucial to improve our leadership skills. Here are some tips to do so. 




  • Understand Your Leadership Style

Understanding your current leadership style is essential. This means identifying your strengths and weaknesses. . There are many different methods that will allow you to identify your leadership style, like taking a leadership quiz (just search them on Google). Once a test is completed, you can look at the major characteristics of your strengths, and the characteristics you need to improve on. 

  • Serve as a Role Model

Idealized influence is a key component of leadership. Leaders encourage members to follow positive behaviors and characteristics by setting a good example.

  • Listen and Communicate Effectively

An important quality of leadership is communication with group members, meaning one-on-one communication. When leaders are able to communicate their goals and ideas, their followers will feel inspired and motivated. By keeping the lines of communication open, leaders can ensure that group members feel able to make contributions and receive recognition for their achievements. 



  • Encourage People to Make Contributions

Leaders who encourage involvement to inspire team members to take an active role in coming up with ideas and plans.

  • Motivate Your Followers

Leaders provide inspirational motivation to encourage their followers to get into action. Inspiring followers do not always mean motivational speeches. For example, you can be genuinely passionate about ideas or goals, helping followers feel included, and offering recognition, praise, and rewards for people’s accomplishments.


As we can see, being a great leader is not easy; however, it is something that all should be working on.


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