Tips to Study for the AP Test

As you may know, the mock tests and the AP tests are coming. These types of tests cover everything you have learned in the year and have hard and challenging questions. You even have to write essays as a part of the exam. So, as the tests are right around the corner, let’s get to some tips to help you ace the exam.

Let’s start with the first tip. It is important to watch youtube videos and to review carefully everything that has happened through the course of the year. I would start reviewing the things that were done in the first semester, as they have happened a good time ago and the details of the sections are important as well.

The second tip would be not to copy important information, but to write it in your own words. I believe that doing Cornell notes is a great way to do this. Read a part of the sections in your book, everything that is under the red title, and then write down what you have learned in your own words.

I know what you might be thinking. What about the vocab? It’s hard to put vocab you don’t know into your own words. Due to this, I recommend that once you are done taking your Cornell notes, go through all of the vocabulary in the section and write them down on one page of your notebook. Then, not only would you have understood the information, but you could also have a good place to find all of the vocabulary.

By the end, you would just need to review your notes, watch general videos to do everything within the timeframe of the exams, and practice answering some of those questions.

Rodrigo De Grandchant

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