Tips to Survive Freshman Seminar

As a student, you should begin to worry about your grades when you are in 9th grade. Some parents say that you should worry about your grades since the beginning of your high school career, but honestly, you will apply with grades from 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th. This threat is usually for the upcoming and current 9th graders. Some classes will be easier than others, and you will experience this all through high school. Some classes need more time and commitment than others. Freshman seminar is definitely a class that needs more commitment. This is just a simple warning. Rest assured… you will suffer.

In order to decrease the pain, you will be given some major tips to make your year easier. Start by turning in assignments on time and never forget to turn them in; once you begin to forget assignments this is when your grades begin to go down. Complete every single assignment as if it were a summative one and turn in high-quality work. When you are given the chance to work with a partner, believe me, do not choose someone you would work with often. Choose someone that you would work better with. Pay attention at all times and participate. The best way to learn is by participating and asking questions. Be sure to ask them before the assignment is due, not when you are about to turn it in.  

Not all teachers are as mean as you picture them. They are all understanding when you ask questions and show that you care about your grade. If they know that you don’t care, then they won’t care either. Never ask for second chances before grades close because you will not get them. Communication is key to success; teachers will appreciate it more when you communicate with them. Freshman Seminar is one of or even the hardest class that you will have freshman year. It will prepare you for future AP classes and even college ones.

Vanina Quiroga

My name is Vanina Quiroga, I am a senior who loves to eat candy. That’s like my main passion. Let us pretend I take the advice I give. ;)

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