Todos Santos – Activity in School

A Todos Santos activity was held in school on the weeks of November 4 and November 11. To be honest, I do not recall this activity ever taking place, and it is my honor to say that it was an amazing activity. Not only was it a chance to interact with our classmates, but it was also a chance to go back to what “normal” school used to be like. I could see people running to their next activity, others laughing with their colleagues, and having out-of-the-class conversations with teachers. I do believe that these activities are what makes the school special, they make the school a better place. A place where students can enjoy their day-to-day life. 

Now I will be discussing the different activities. 

Activity 1: Activity one was a table where all of the students would gather around and actually learn facts from Todos Santos. The table was organized in a way that represented the table many families used on this special day. It was colorful and the presenters were on point about the facts.

Activity 2: Activity two was singing “Remember Me” from the movie Coco. It was an awesome and well-thought-out activity since Coco is a Mexican movie about this very holiday.

Activity 3: Activity three was a board of people that we remember and miss. We could write out names of the people we missed and held close to our hearts.

Activity 4: Activity 4 was painting the small figures that one placed on the tantawawas. A very creative and fun activity.

Activity 5: Activity 5 was playing a mind game that has us all puzzled. Ms. Amy, we will figure it out. 

Vanina Quiroga

My name is Vanina Quiroga, I am a senior who loves to eat candy. That’s like my main passion. Let us pretend I take the advice I give. ;)

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