Tomorrowland Under Quarantine

Tomorrowland. The dream festival for all EDM and music fans in general, is probably the biggest and most entertaining music festival in the whole world. This year’s Tomorrowland, which was planned to take place around June in the beautiful country of Belgium, had to be canceled due to the issues and closings that Covid-19 brought to many countries. As such, Tomorrowland’s organizers had to improvise something new in order to satisfy the need for music, which they sure did.

Organizers from other music festivals, in this case, the EDC (Electronic Dance Carnival), which was planned to take place in Las Vegas before lockdowns, took the event to the virtual world through live streaming. , As a result, the festival became free and available to watch for anyone at the comfort of their homes. This included having access to four days of live music by some of the best DJ’s in the world, including David Guetta, Deorro, ZHU, and many other big names. Tomorrowland took inspiration from this idea but did something that completely surpassed it.


The organizers of Tomorrowland announced that on the 8th and 9th of August, a special event was going to be taking place. No one expected much since the whole world was still under lockdown, but surely a virtual Tomorrowland was sure to be something new for everyone. As lots of people would have guessed, there was a virtual festival being announced, but nothing like we have seen before. The organizers decided to make an interactive festival with 3 virtual stages, all with different types of electronic music that hundreds of thousands of people could all enjoy at once. DJ’s such as Martin Garrix, Armin van Buuren, David Guetta, Timmy Trumpet, a special appearance from Katy Perry, and lots of others took the lineup for this special event. Once the time came, the event consisted of videos of the various DJs playing a 60 to 80-minute music set on top of a virtual stage that was made specifically for this event, giving the audience a sense of actually being at the festival. Fans could also directly interact by showing their flag, cheering, clapping, waving their hands in the air, and doing many other features.


Since this event was such a hit with Tomorrowland fans, the organizers of the event decided to make another virtual festival similar to the one in August, but with a New Year’s theme. Having high expectations, fans demanded for this festival to be even better than the last one. The organizers listened and included all new virtual stages and even more artists than before. As such, Tomorrowland outdid themselves once again. 


In my opinion, although these virtual events were fantastic, the feeling of physically enjoying a festival and seeing it with your own eyes will not be surpassed by anything. All we can do right now is hope that life would come back to normal soon and take care of ourselves and the people around us. 

Joaquin Balsells

My name is Joaquin Balsells. I am an 11th grader who loves basketball and riding motorcycles. I am from Argentina. My favorite food is a hamburger. A word that would describe me would be athletic

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