Top 3 art museums in the world

Most people visit art museums when they travel, and now, I will show you a list of the 3 most famous art museums. 

  • Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC: The Smithsonian is the largest museum in the world. This museum has more than 137 million objects detailing the history of America. Its main attractions are Dorothy’s ruby red slippers, the dresses of the first ladies, and the Gem Room.
  • Musee du Louvre, Paris, France: The Musee du Louvre, Paris, France, was a medieval fortress and the palace of the kings of France. This museum is the most famous museum in the world. The main attractions of this museum are, Venus de Milo, Victoria of Samothrace, and the Mona Lisa, by Leonardo da Vinci. 
  • Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, New York: This museum is the largest museum in the Western Hemisphere. It has a collection of more than two million items, it also has a very high quality. Its paintings are incredible. The most famous of this museum is “Adam and Eve.”


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