Top 3 Art Types

When you think of art you may be only thinking of drawing or painting, but there is much more in art. There are many different types of art like sculpture, painting, poetry, and design. Not all of them are as popular as others, but after all, they are still art. Here I will present the top 3 art types and some images. 

  1. Pottery

Pottery is one of the most ancient art invented by humans. Humans practiced pottery thousands of years ago during the Neolithic Period. Some clues of pottery were found in Czech Republic that was dated back around 27,000 B.C. All around the world, there are many clues that many civilizations did pottery.  

2. Painting

Painting is one of the most popular art types around the world. Painting is also one of the oldest ones. There has been found evidence in caves where humans used charcoal and other minerals to paint. This ancient painting dated 42,000 thousand years ago. 

3. Architecture

Architecture is a little bit different from other art, but it is still an art type. Architecture is designing and engineering big structures. This art type has changed over the years varying from landscape and cultures. Throughout history humans made structures and it is an important pillar of the history of humans. 

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