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Literature has been a long time with human beings. Literature is not among the most art types in the world, but it remains an important art type. Historians say that this artwork was first practiced during the Sumerian civilization around 3400 BC when it was first marked on clay tablets. There have been great literature works throughout time and some have remained relevant even if they were published a long time ago. Along with humans, their art evolves and changes, with different themes, messages, purposes with time. Here we will see some of the best literary works produced. 

1. To Kill a Mockingbird

This novel made by Harper Lee is considered to be one of the best literary works made. This novel shows some human defects like racism. Even Though this novel is not an autobiography it contains many parts from Lee’s life. This novel contains themes like innocence, knowledge, prejudice, and courage. Published in 1960 it became popular and it is still relevant even today. It is estimated to be around 40 million copies around the world, making this an important novel. 

2. 1984

1984, written by George Orwell, had a huge impact on the world at those times. This novel has important themes about how the world was doing those years. This novel interprets the world just before WW2 and figures like Hitler, Stalin, and others. This novel used to be forbidden in some countries for explaining some themes that some political leaders did want for people to know. This book has great importance because of the way the author expresses himself with the conflicts of those years. Published around 1949 this book rose to fame, especially after the WW2 conflicts. 

3. Don Quijote

This novel published by Miguel de Cervantes differentiates from many novels by being an epic novel and the novels show themes from the middle ages. This novel was published in two parts first in 1605 and then later in 1615 this novel is often cited as the first modern novel. This Spanish novel is considered by many to be the most important novel of all time. Originally a banned novel tells us various of the most important themes of those medieval years.

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