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Books can have many purposes and messages that the author expresses. They are used for many reasons such as entertainment, critiquing, informing, and persuading. Apart from a book’s purpose, each one can have a different genre. Some common genres of books are mystery, horror, fantasy, fiction, and romance. In each genre, many books stand out from each other making them unique. It is common for authors to stand out in a specific genre, but there are exceptions to great authors that can write well in many genres. Horror is a genre that might not be the most popular but has much to offer. 

  1. Frankenstein 

This novel that is known for the famous Frankenstein monster was written by Mary Shelley. Originally published in 1818 it is considered to be the first horror novel and possibly the first fiction novel. This antique novel is a must for anyone who wants to get scared because it is a classic novel. 

2. The Hunger 

This novel was written by Alma Katsu and it is considered to be one of her best works. Published in 2018, this book was able to win prizes and it is suggested by many magazines. The story has many twists and turns that will hook you into the novel. Apart from the prizes, Stephen King said that reading this novel was “deeply, deeply, disturbing”. This book is assured to scare the pants off you.

3. The Other

This book, written by Thomas Tyron, was published in 197,1 and it was the author’s debut novel. The story takes place back in a New England town and it is similar to classic horror novels. The novel could be considered for a young audience as some protagonists are teenagers. This book soon gained popularity and became a classic novel and has even been adapted to a film.

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