Top Most Disappointing Films

Have you ever been waiting for a movie to get released, but after seeing it you were totally upset? This can happen often because producers want large profits, and they do not really take the importance on the movie and their followers. It is not easy to produce great films and it is much easier to make bad movies. These mistakes can be affected for wanting to satisfy all the fans and also to increase the profit, which is why many films are failures. These events are the worst things that can happen to a movie by ruining its image and losing followers. On this list, we will see what were the movies that promised much but ended up upsetting the people. 

1. Batman V Superman

Batman and Superman, being one of the most famous superheroes of all time, are a magnet to a huge number of followers around the world. A movie including these iconic superheroes could be expected to be fantastic, not just for the fans. This film, produced in 2016 ended up being completely opposite to speculations and became one of the most hated superhero movies of all time. This film was really affected by the real intentions of the producer that only wanted good profit numbers, and did not care what their fans were receiving. Batman V Superman is a movie no one wants to remember till this day for the great disappointment it gave.

2. The Last Airbender

The Last Airbender was a movie that took inspiration from the original animated series which was a complete success. This film made in 2010, does almost everything wrong. Almost all the fans were disappointed at the lack of similarities between the original show and the actors. Within the series, there are many themes and cultures from each nation, but the movie looks much like a boring superhero movie. The movie was not as fans hoped and are often forgotten because of how badly executed it was. While the movie wanted to imitate the show’s great execution, this movie was only forgotten, and it is not recommended to watch at all. 

3. Spiderman 3

Spiderman’s original trilogy gave many of us nostalgic memories, especially the first and second films. This is due because both first movies were great movies, leaving the third one with no chance. While the first two movies are some of the best superhero movies, the third one suffered from common internal conflicts. Spiderman 3 was a mix of a director who was not comfortable being told by the producers, Sony exactly what to put into the movie. Another problem was that Sony wanted more profit, so they forced the director to throw out his original plans and do what the fans wanted. This mix of conflicts did not end well as Spiderman 3 was one of the most upsetting films.

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