Top Most Expensive Artworks

Have you ever wondered why art has a high cost around the world? Many factors include the high price, like the time put into it and the uniqueness of the piece. Many art pieces are quite unique and it’s likely any piece would be exactly the same. Art also takes much time and dedication, especially masterpieces like the Monalisa. Art Pieces gain much value through the years, and many of them express not only from the author but the time period when made. Some famous artworks become important symbols that attract many people around the world. This and other factors lead artworks to have a high price. 

1. Salvator Mundi

This painting, painted by Leonardo da Vinci, portrays Jesus Cryst holding an orb. It is considered to be the most expensive painting in the world, and its price is estimated to be around 450.3 million dollars. The value of this painting can be expected mainly because of the world-known painter, and because of its uniqueness. 


2. Interchange

The artwork painted by Willem de Kooning interprets more modern art with no subject but abstract figures. This work is estimated to be worth around 300 million dollars. The design of this painting is unique as the author was inspired by the living and surroundings of New York City. 


3. The Card Players

This work painted by Paul Cezanne, a French painter, is considered the third most expensive painting. Its value is about 250 million dollars. In the painting, we can see two men probably from the 20th-century playing cards on a table. We can also see a bottle of wine and a cigarette in a man’s mouth. This painting also tells us much about how the world looked back then.

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