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Every year, hundreds of thousands of musicians and producers come out with new songs. Many people look up to the musicians and hope to be in their position someday. Although they might be looked up to by so many people, you will be surprised by the amount of money these musicians make every year. This is the highest paid musician of 2020.

Kanye West, a man that is known not only for his music, but also for his renown shoe collaboration with adidas “Yeezy”, and for being married to Kim Kardashian, makes around 3400 times more money a year than the average person working in the US ($48,672). To further put this into perspective, there are around 200 students attending ACS for high school. You would need 17 ACS High Schools, with each student making $48,672 in one year, in order to reach the amount that this one musician made in one year. In comparison to other different industries, the highest paid athletes don’t even make close to that amount of money. Kanye beats both Cristiano Ronaldo ($105 Million) and Lionel Messi ($104 Million) and makes almost the same amount of money as both of them combined. Kanye West makes a total of $170 million per year. I know that this is not only for his music but also from his clothing and shoes, but athletes such as Cristiano Ronaldo also makes $105 million per year through sponsorships, clothing sales, and club salaries.

I was really surprised to find this out because although sports is one of the most watched industries in the world, other industries such as music make more money than them.

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