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Toxic Relationships

When it comes to toxic relationships, you may not instantly notice that you’re in one. But slowly you start to see the signs. Primarily, a toxic relationship is characterized by controlling behaviors, lack of trust, and frequently lying. It’s important to identify if you’re in a toxic relationship in order to leave it as quickly as possible. You sometimes don’t even realize you’re in one until it’s too late. 

The type of relationship when you feel you or your partner start controlling one another in a way that’s not healthy is the definition of a toxic relationship. This is when doubts about infidelity start forming in a person’s mind. The urge to check your partner’s messages and texts starts to rush in. Trust is the building block in all relationships, but once you or your partner give a reason to break it, it can no longer be restored. 

Many believe a toxic relationship has to be between two lovers, but that’s incorrect. Another way of toxic relationships can be between friends. As children, it’s normal when you don’t want to lose your best friend, so you hold on tight to them. But once you start growing up, you learn to let go. However, some toxic people never learn that and become possessive over their friends. They start controlling them. It can come down to who they can hang out with, or who they can be friends with, and who they can’t. They try to make their other friend feel as if they don’t need to have any more friends. This is when jealousy takes one step forward, and it becomes toxic.

Have you ever felt the closest people to you could never hurt you? Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Family can sometimes be extremely toxic and destructive.  It can even come to the extent of parents manipulating you by using their power and money over you. For example, making you do something because they have provided for everything else. They sometimes become so possessive they install applications on your phone to know where you are all the time, or they even take away your door. Toxic parents can make us feel insecure even in the place we should consider home. 

There’s no measuring how far a toxic person will go just to achieve what they want. It even becomes a little frightening how much they’re willing to do for their own sake. Having seen clear examples and signs of a toxic person, try to identify anyone in your life who portrays them. Once identified, do your best to leave the relationship immediately. Toxic people are best to cut off from the start to avoid further complications. And always remember to prioritize your well-being and feelings first, and not anyone else’s.

Adriana Bleichner

Hi, my name is Adriana Bleichner and I am a sophomore at ACS Calvert. I was born in Bolivia and have lived here my whole life. My favorite sport is tennis, and my favorite hobby is baking.

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