Track and Field

The track and field team has lost many of their key players this year. The seniors from last year were good at running, jumping, and many of them had much strength. Although our school did not win the overall competition, we had many important successes: One gold medal and many silver medals. This gave us the overall second place, coming close behind Santa Cruz.


This year, we do not have the same power, but the rest of the schools probably do not have the same team as last year. The majority of the players from track and field are being obligated to participate if they want to be in the soccer team. Although many of them do not practice track and field regularly, some of them are very fast and athletic. They are capable of winning many races and competitions.


We have quality over quantity. We may not win the overall competition, but our best athletes can achieve many golden and silver medals.

Pablo Penaloza

My name is Pablo PeƱalosa. I am a junior who loves basketball. I am from Tarija. My favorite food is seafood. A word that would describe me would be persistent.

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