Tragedy In Astroworld

Who doesn’t love going to their favorite artist’s concert? When you think of a concert, fun, music, and dancing come to mind. Many people went to the Travis Scott concert, known as “Astroworld”, with that same mentality, but they were in for a huge surprise. What seemed to be a day full of music and fun ended in a tragedy where 10 deaths are known so far, but what happened to this tragedy?

The Astroworld festival has been held since 2018, and so far, it has accumulated more than 50 shows. The artist in charge of these concerts is Traviss Scott. During the last years, Travis Scott gained fame and gradually climbed to be one of the most listened to rappers at the moment. Collaborations with Drake and solo songs led to the hit. His career took an unexpected turn with the events of November 5, 2021. The festival took the lives of 10 people with a 9-year-old boy being the last to be reported dead. The death of these people left many unknowns of what happened. So far, the only thing that is known is that 50,000 people started to go forward (in the direction of the main stage) and that thanks to this, several people were squeezed and therefore passed out. For all this, 11 cardiac arrests were treated by the concert doctors. The most surprising thing was that Travis Scott did not stop the concert even though several people asked him to stop it. The video that circulates on the networks will show how people yell at the artist to help him and for him to stop the concert but the Artist ignored them.

Many people think that Travis Scott should be legally punished for the damages presented at his festival. The artist recorded a video apologizing, but people think that it is not enough. What should happen to Traviss Scott? That, I leave to the criteria of you.

Andres Alba

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