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Transition from Halloween to Christmas

It is almost that time of the year. We have 50 days left until it is Christmas time (I’m writing this on November 5, 2020). If it is not November 5 for you, then you can just do the math for yourself or search in Google: “How many days until Christmas”.
If you are a normal person, then your favorite holiday is Christmas. Halloween this year, just like last year, was not what anyone would have expected. This year we couldn’t do much because of Covid. Some went out with friends, some watched scary movies, and many don’t even celebrate it. Thankfully, it is over. The transition from Halloween to Christmas is one of the fastest ones in my opinion. We go from scaring people, watching horror movies, and dressing up as death, to singing Christmas carols, having smiles all over the place, and the delicious smell of fresh cooked gingerbread cookies. I love that smell 🙂
Many people don’t celebrate Thanksgiving either. Since we are in Bolivia, and it is not a big holiday here, people don’t follow American traditions. Some students just care about the short vacation of three to four days the school gives us. So, the shift from Halloween to Christmas is brusque and fast. For the ones who do celebrate Thanksgiving, there is a pause and a little break between holidays. We get to eat delicious food, be with our family, and be grateful.
I can’t wait for Christmas, I don’t know about you! Now it is time to get those witches, vampires and zombie decorations out and put on our Christmas spirit!

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