TV Shows to Watch during Quarantine


We have been in quarantine for over 5 months now and many of us have binge-watched many shows and movies during our free time in order to avoid being bored. But, many of us have nothing else to watch since they have already finished watching everything there is to watch. If you, the one reading this, is one of those people, sorry, I cannot help you since most of the shows that I am going to suggest, you have probably already watched. 


Outer Banks

This TV show which can be found on Netflix has been out since probably the beginning of quarantine, and if you haven’t watched it, you are pretty behind, but, the good thing is, you get to watch an amazing show with an amazing setting and plot. This is about a group of friends who try to investigate and find some gold from a ship that sank near the shore of their hometown’s beach. If you like a mystery, adventure, and funny type of show, this is one you should watch. They are currently filming the second season and it will be ready by the beginning of next year. 


Lost In Space

This show has a little resemblance to Stranger Things, yet, its setting is found in space. Earth has begun to die down and only the smartest on the planet get to take a test, pass, and travel to a new planet to start a new civilization. But, things don’t turn out too great for a family of 5. The mothership is attacked by a robot alien which leaves the family and a group of others stranded on a strange planet, the TV show portrays their journey from that planet and how they might be able to get back on course to get to that civilization. 



The final show has been out for some years now, but they have released the newest season a few weeks ago. It is about the devil leaving his place in hell and going to live in Los Angeles. He ends up being a part of the police force and helps fight and solve crimes. The show explains his journey living with humans, owning a nightclub, dealing with his brothers, and others learning who he is and where he comes from. If you enjoy shows that have to do with any mythical creatures and/or solving crime, this is a show that you will definitely want to watch. 


We all have to be entertained at times, but, now that we have a lot of time on our hands, you can become a part of the trends or just spend more time at home watching these shows.



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