Types of Students during online classes. Which one are you?

The ones that have Peruvian wi-fi

These students are always having internet problems, and are always late to class. When they join class, they say “Perdon Miss mi wifi esta re mal”

Bro get better wi-fi I know we are in Bolivia but we have a little better wi-fi than Peru. 


The one who forgets to mute his microphone

We can all agree that we all have this one student that always forgets to put mute and starts singing. Then they realize and want to disappear

(Happened to me many times)


The ones who don’t know their schedule yet

These students are always getting late to class because they don’t know his schedule yet. Like come on dude, we are a little more than half of the year done and you still don’t know your schedule. 

The ones that sleep through class

Come on, how many melatonin pills have you taken to be so sleepy?

The overachievers

They are a  teacher’s dream. They are always helping the teacher with technical difficulties. They are in the Zoom call 10 minutes early. They turn in the homework a week before it is due. You guys are a star, tell us what your secrets are. 

When I grow up I want to be like you. 

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