UCI Race in the UAE is Canceled due to Coronavirus Cases

The final two stages of the UCI tour in the United Arab Emirates were canceled due to cases of the Coronavirus present. Many riders are being tested for the virus, but no results have come back to the media. The Coronavirus has affected not only the population of countries but the events that take place in these countries. The next race will take place in Germany, but it is unknown if racers will be permitted to race before their test results are given.  Racers such as Briton Chris Froome are in the test process so their advancements in the events will not be as efficient as others. The UAE’s ministry of health and prevention said all riders, administrative staff and organizers will be examined through “continuous periodic screening” and quarantine measures will be taken to “curb the spread of its outbreak” -BBC. The UCI Cycling Tour will continue, but let’s hope that this virus gets solved so events and people can return to their schedule.

Borja Echevarria

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