“Una Mano Para Mama”

Funds for Ivette, mother of Mateo

Bolivia is a third-world country. This means that many people do not have the resources to pay for expensive health treatments such as cancer. Here, below, is an image that shows the different types of brain cancer that exist in Bolivia nowadays. 

Many of these cases are not just adults but they also are children. Una Mano Para Mama is asking for your help. Ivette is the mother of the seven-year-old Mateo, who is suffering from a brain tumor. Mateo needs to go under intracranial radiosurgery. Help Mateo so that he gets strong and healthy again. Una Mano Para Mama is asking for a total donation of 10,000 bs. 

Here is the QR for donations. Anything helps!!

Mirko Lebl

My name is Mirko Lebl and I love adrenaline. I live in La Paz, Bolivia and a word that would describe me is flexible.

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