Unmanned Military Vehicles

Unmanned Military Vehicles

As time passes, technology continues to develop exponentially, and countries begin to adopt new ways of defending themselves. A very popular tool is UAVs, aerial vehicles that are controlled from the ground,therefore, providing long range views without the risk of having a physical pilot. Most of these unmanned vehicles are drones and they are equipped with missiles, machine guns, and even long range cameras to identify targets. These drones have been responsible for thousands of air strikes across the Middle East and other countries. One very well known and used UAV is the MQ-9 Reaper Drone. This UAV is used in the United States, Australia, Domenican Republic, Spain, Italy, Germany, and many more. This drone is known for it’s fast speed (around 300 mph) ,although it is provided thrust through a propeller. There are not only aerial unmanned vehicles, there are also ground vehicles designed to do specific tasks. Some of them are remotely controlled while others complete tasks through programmed activities such as defense against missile attack or even carrying soldiers’ equipment. BigDog, a robotic pack mule, performs the task of carrying equipment for soldiers allowing for easier travel and effectively completing more operations. Lastly, Guardium, a light unmanned ground vehicle used in Israel, defends the border and is used to this day in order to protect the country from outside attacks.




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