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Upcoming ACS Sport Events!

In the next couple of weeks, the ACS campus will be booming with sports events for everyone to come and watch. Stay tuned for dates and more specifics about these events.

The first event we are going to discuss is the middle school cougar cup. This is taking place from November 17, all the way through November 19. Middle school boys and girls, volleyball and soccer teams, will be competing against local schools for the trophy. Local schools include SAS, Aleman, Horizonte, and a couple more. This tournament will be a great showcase for the middle school teams, seeing as it is their first major tournament of the year! 

Another major school event coming up is our 2nd high school friendship games or Calvert Cup. In view of the fact that the SCCS teams weren’t able to make it to Cochabamba, due to the protests, and lack of vehicle circulation in Santa Cruz, our school proposed to host another friendship game, so that they wouldn’t feel left out. These friendship games are taking place from November 30 to December 2, having almost the exact same dates as the MS friendship games, the next major school-hosted sporting event. The Calvert Cup is made up of 3 teams, ACS, CCS, and SCCS. AISB will not attend this tournament, in sight of the fact that they aren’t part of the cooperative school group. The tournament will work like this, each team will play the other 2 teams twice, and the winner will be decided by point scoring.

The last major tournament that is going to be held at our school is Middle school friendship games. This tournament is the Middle schooler’s opportunity to show what they’ve got against the other Calvert schools in Bolivia. This tournament will take place from the 1st of December, overlapping the Calvert Cup, to the 3rd of December.

We cougar athletes can’t wait for the upcoming tournaments in our school because it creates an environment for us to meet new people and make friends through sports!


My name is Eli Abraham. I am a junior who loves playing sports like soccer. I love friendship games, and inter school tournaments. I love to keep up to date on the latest news in the soccer world.

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