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Vaccine and Mutations of COVID 19

We have officially made it to an entire year of being in quarantine and having online school . None of us knew that we would ever have to last this long inside of our houses without being able to see many friends or family. But, we might not be that far from ending all of this. 

Vaccines are now available to the public and everyday thousands of people are becoming immunized from the severe and harsh symptoms of the virus. As stated in previous articles, the virus will continue to live among us but we will have less of an effect on our immune system. The vaccines from various different corporations such as Pfizer and Moderna are being mass produced which allows for higher distribution of the vaccines. 

The only difficulty that some nations might have is their government and that the leader’s ideology of the coronavirus since there are many leaders who believe the virus to be a fraud and non existent which will impact the way the doses are either distributed through that nation or even if the vaccine will even make it into the country and not be denied by the government. We see a small glimmer of hope coming towards us as we see the world begin to immunize its citizens. Once all of the citizens of that specific nation become immunized we will see the next glimmer of hope which will lead back to a normal outside life. The only thing we can do for now is wait and look at nations who have been successful such as Israel, who was in this time become a role model for other nations following in their path to combating the virus through the vaccine.

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