Vape vs Cigarettes

Since technology is advancing, the ways humans perform past tasks now involve some sort of technology. This can clearly be seen in smoking as humans have slowly shifted to a “more efficient” and healthier solution which involves using a electronic pen with various technological elements such as a screen. But, is vaping really healthier than smoking cigarettes? The answer is yes. Cigarettes produce a chemical known as nicotine through the burning of tobacco and generating smoke. This smoke created by the tobacco has hundreds of harmful chemicals that are known to give humans terrible diseases such as cancer. Vaping also gives off the chemical of nicotine through the heating of a liquid which contains the most non-harming chemicals possible as it has been developed by humans in “labs”. Vapor is released when this liquid heats up within the vape instead of actual smoke. An example that people use to compare vaping and smoking cigarettes is: would you prefer to stand over a fire inhaling all the chemicals that are being produced from burning different materials or do you prefer standing in a bathroom with a hot shower causing vapor and inhaling it? As stated in the Cochrane Review: “‘There is now general agreement that vaping use exposes the user to fewer toxicants than smoking tobacco cigarettes.” (McNeill 2015; RCP 2016. Cochrane Review.) Although vaping has been proven to be better than cigarettes it is still not healthy. If you don’t smoke cigarettes then you should not vape as it is intended to be used as an alternative to be able to quit smoking. The long term effects of vaping have not been truly identified but in a short period of time we will know for sure if people are being affected negatively in the long run.

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