Video games and the impact on young people

During the last few years, video games have gained a lot of popularity. Most young people have a video game console at home. Some people think that video games harm young people while others say the opposite. Some parents say that violent games can make their children violent and they are partly right. Youth who are addicted to video games become violent when the thing they are addicted to is removed. This not only happens with video games but also with any type of addiction. Also, many parents say that video games contribute to poor grades in school. Once again, this happens when video games go from being a hobby to an addiction, but video games can also be a good thing for young people.

Video games can serve as an escape hatch from reality. Many young people go through stressful times because of school or family problems. Video games can help these young people to distract themselves and have fun at least for a moment. Some people show hidden potential in video games. Many young people think that they are good for nothing and find what they are good at in video games. A clear example is gamers and professional players. They found what they are good at and exploited their full potential in it. That if not because you’re good at video games means you drop out of school. Now it’s up to you what to think about video games. Playing is fine, but when it becomes an addiction, it’s wrong. Do you see video games as something good or bad?

Andres Alba

Hi, my name is Andres and I love to play video games and soccer. A word that describes me is creative.

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