Video Games Are Good For Your Health

Video games are certainly fun to play. Good video games can also make you spend hours playing them without realizing. However, our parents do not like seeing us playing video games. They think video games are garbage and children are wasting time playing video games. They would prefer outside activities like football or riding bicycles, but they need to know that there are some good effects of playing video games. This article hopes to highlight different ways you are learning when playing video games that you didn’t even realize.

First, players can practice problem solving and logic. Some games like Angry Birds, or Cut the Rope needs these skills to pass to the following level. Thinking of creative ways to solve puzzles or finding weak links between the building are always fun, but they can also be a useful skill. Video games can also improve the player’s analysis and decision-making ability. For example, if someone is playing a city managing game like SimCity or team management game such as Football Manager, the player must analyze different elements, and make proper decisions. Sometimes that decision can take 10 minutes to consider, sometimes one needs to make that decision within a minute. Video games improve planning skills. The players have a long-term goal, such as increasing their character’s level to maximum or acquiring a legendary item. However, they must solve imminent problems, like defeating the monster that is standing right in front of them. They learn how to coordinate their goals and without realizing, make plans to achieve them.

While playing video games, the players practice the skill of inductive reasoning and hypothesis testing. These are skills that are very important in science. For example, while playing video games, players might test out different kinds of weapon combinations. They might test shotgun with a rifle to get enemies at close and long range, rifle and sniper rifle to concentrate on a long-range fight, or a double shotgun to focus on short-range combat. If something does not work out well, they change their way of playing the game until they find the best option for their purpose. Video games can be helpful when learning about teamwork and cooperation. Playing duo or squad with one’s friends on Fortnite, or playing any online games can increase the player’s ability to cooperate and support the team. They learn how to contribute to their team using their own abilities and skills. They can also learn how to correctly respond to challenges and frustrations. They can learn to take risks. Sometimes, people need to take risks not only in video games but in the real world as well. Taking risks in video games helps people understand opportunity cost analysis in the real world.

However, not all games have these wonderful effects. Some games are just for fun and stress-relief so choose your games wisely.

My Recommendations: Games such as SimCity, Skylines and Planet Coaster are good for strategic development. Other RPG games, such as Dark Souls 3, Monster Hunter will be good to improve your skill on problem-solving hypothesis.

Keewan Kim

Keewan Kim is a 11th grader. He writes art editorials and is a Designer for the Newspaper Team. His favorite movie is Toy Story 3.

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