Video Games During Quarantine and Their Effect

Many people have been spending their time playing video games during quarantine. Many people believe that videogames are bad for teenagers to play and that their behaviors are influenced and altered by them. But that is the case for a very small category of games. Most games teach teens and help develop different skills that they might not have had before. One of these games is Among Us.

It teaches teens and further develops their deductive reasoning and their memory. This game is mostly about a group of crewmates trying to figure out who is the imposter and overall just being a detective by using the clues around them to win the game. If the imposter or imposters are voted off of the ship, the crewmates win, but, if the crewmates don’t do their tasks and the imposters stop them from doing,they lose.

Many games are this way since they add some sort of additional feature that pushes the players to use their brains by either formulating a special tactic to beat the enemy or just figure out where the exit to the maze is.

A study conducted by an APA task force has found that video games, although they might have some negative aspects to them, actually may strengthen a range of cognitive skills such as spatial navigation, reasoning, memory, and perception. Yes, sometimes videogames might have negative effects, but, they develop skills unconsciously since you just play, have fun, and develop various different cognitive skills.

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