Villareal’s miracle 

Last Wednesday, April 28th, one of the most interesting duels in the current Champions League took place. Villareal faced Liverpool, two teams that have been doing well, Villareal, which had just eliminated Bayer Munich, and Liverpool, which are always a favorite to win this kind of competition. The match ended 2-0 with Klopp’s team as winners. However, Villareal surprised Liverpool by defending well against rival attacks and having some goal-scoring plays that could have changed the face of the second leg. 

Emery’s team took the defeat but left with the hope of a comeback at home. Even with the victory, both coaches showed very different emotions. Klopp was still nervous and happy to have taken the lead, while Emery was calm and confident of a “miracle” in the second leg. Well, there is something that Liverpool has to take into account, that Villareal has not played in a Champions League semi-final for 16 years, that is to say in 2006 when they beat Arsenal. Therefore, they will leave their lives on the pitch to return to a semi-final in the highest European competition.


Kengui Condori

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