War Drones and Assassinations


You’re riding a car down the street. You’re a high official in your country and have many enemies both inside and outside your country. For that reason, you have bodyguards by your side with other military vehicles surrounding your bulletproof car. The route has already been cleared for your path with armored vehicles guarding every intersection. Nothing could go wrong. Suddenly, you see a white flame. It’s getting closer and closer. People are yelling in the streets. You crane your neck to see what the object is then…BOOM!!! Everything goes black. You’re dead before you realize what’s going on, killed by an unknown assassin.

Assassin Drones

Technology develops every day. It has the benefit of making our lives easier, but people in the military have different thoughts. They found out that instead of sending their soldiers into enemy territory and risk them being captured or killed, a drone can do a better job of killing their target. Even if a drone is shot down, there will be no human casualties. Countries like the US have been developing military drones for a long time. They made drones for specific purposes like   surveillance and attack. These days, the US has been flying attack drones to take down their enemies. It proved to be very effective. 

Assassination of Qasem Soleimani

Soleimani was the general of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps of Iran. He was considered to be one of the most powerful men in Iran both militarily and politically. Although he was immensely popular in Iran for being a “selfless hero fighting Iran’s enemies”, he was less popular in the west, especially in the US. On January 3rd, 2020, the US carried out a drone attack on Baghdad International Airport in Iraq. Soleimani was killed on the spot, and his body was so badly damaged that the authorities had to identify him with the ring he wore on his finger. Later, the type of drone the US had used was identified to be the MQ-9 Reaper. 

Attack on the ISIS-K terrorist group

The Pentagon said on Saturday that two high-profile ISIS-K targets were killed in a US drone strike. There were no civilian casualties. The two people were considered to be involved in the terrorist attack at Kabul airport which killed 13 US service members and many others. A few days later, another drone attack was announced against an ISIS-K target in Kabul. The threat was said to be a vehicle with significant amounts of explosives that were going to be used at the airport. The drone intercepted the vehicle and successfully hit the target. 


The drones are a new type of weapon. They are an effective measure to attack a target without the fear of losing personnel. Through countless operations, these drones have already proven to be very powerful and accurate. Who knows? Maybe the wars in the future might not be fought among men, but with unmanned machinery from both sides?

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