Was the NBA Bubble a Success?

Having a duration of three months and 22 teams in it, and only one coming out as the champion. Was the NBA Bubble a success? 

Well, everybody has their own opinion and different thoughts. For me, the bubble was a real success in every aspect. I don’t see a reason why they shouldn’t do it again for next season. All the players liked it and that was a success. Here are my reasons to show you that the NBA Bubble was a success and should be repeated for next season.

  1. Over 340 Coronavirus tests performed each week, there was no positive test in the three months the bubble took place.
  2. Players ate what they wanted and had access to food 24/7.
  3. Player had exclusive access to the hotels, which meant they were all alone with their teams
  4. Players had their practice facilities in their hotels so it was really easy to practice.

In conclusion, I do not see why wouldn’t the NBA Bubble be a success. It was great for the players and the teams to continue their season. The bubble brought a lot of happiness to many people which simply was perfect. In my opinion, the bubble was a complete success and there should be another bubble for next season so we all are entertained. 

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