Watching the NFL Super Bowl Without Knowing How American Football Works

On Sunday, I checked my social media and immediately, the first thing I saw was that everyone was watching the Super Bowl. 

As I continued scrolling through my feed, I saw a bunch of memes pop up about the Superbowl. I tried to understand all those memes, but I couldn’t! I just couldn’t. Even though Milton taught us how to play American football in P.E., I still was completely lost. I just turned on my TV and tried to understand how it is played. 

When I turned the TV on, the half-time show was about to start. Fireworks and music started playing, the lights started flashing, and I was excited to see who would be this year’s performers. 

Shakira started singing and dancing, and I immediately shrieked. Her performance was a major throwback for me. It took me back to my childhood. 2010. As soon as she started singing, I impulsively started singing as well. I did not know I remembered the lyrics to all of her songs. 

Definitely, the half-time show had memorable moments, and with that comes the memes. I saw a million memes about those moments. Here are a few of them. Twitter Link  Instagram Link  Twitter Link  Twitter Link 

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