Watercolours vs. Acrylic paint

Watercolours and acrylics are two of the most popular paints there are in art. There are many differences in these two types of paints, and knowing them would make it easier for you to choose which one to use for your project. 

The main difference between the two is that acrylic paints dry quicker and with more coverage, while watercolours are more transparents. Watercolours transparency allows you to layer colours as you paint like in a landscape. Acrylic dries quickly and is more opaque, and can be used for canvases. 

Watercolour paint is mainly water, and the help of water is used to create different shades of a single colour. Once your painting is dry, you can still add water to make slight changes, however this is not the case for when you are using acrylic paint. Acrylic paint has more pigment, and once it dries, the paint becomes water resistant. In contrast to watercolours, painting with acrylics you apply the colours in layers from dark to light and then continue working paint over dry areas. While with watercolours, you start applying the colours in layers from light to dark.  

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