Ways That People Are Dealing With Quarantine

This quarantine has lasted more than expected. Many people, especially people with jobs that involved others are creating innovative ways to keep working and also stay entertained. These times have been tough and finding ways to stay busy while not getting bored in the process is a really complex project. 

Many famous people around the world such as entertainers, athletes, and musicians, are holding and creating online events for others such as you and me to tune in and have a good time with them. For example, Wil Smith is hosting small little meetings with other famous people and doing fun activities with them to have a laugh. He later uploads it to his youtube channel in order for others to enjoy it. 

Video Games are now starting to involve creators and entertainers in order to have bigger events and to involve more people. Rapper Travis Scott and DJ Dillon Francis held live concerts on a popular video game called Fortnite, and other games such as Call of Duty have taken out a free to play video game in order for young teens or people who just enjoy playing, to have a fun time with their friends. 


The world s becoming innovative due to this pandemic. This might have had some detrimental effects on the economy, life, and well being of many people and countries, but, it sure is a huge time for innovation and finding new ways to do things and to be entertained.

Pablo Echevarria

My name is Pablo Echevarria. I am a Junior who loves downhill. I am from Spain. My favorite food is gyros. A word that would describe me would be extroverted.

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