Ways to Help a Friend

Most people have friends, they are people who we love and care about. Because of this, seeing them in a bad state can affect us too. There are many ways to help a friend in need, words and/or actions can help a friend feel better.


  1. Words

Try to understand what your friend is going through and show them you care. Some words of encouragement are always helpful. Try to come up with solutions to your friend’s problem and talk to them about it. If there is anything you can do for them, tell them, it will make them feel loved and supported by someone. Note: It is not your responsibility to solve your friend’s or anyone’s problems, just do it if you can and always remember to take care of yourself first and then think about the rest.


  1. Listening

Sometimes people do not want to talk about a solution to what is bothering them, they just want someone to listen. This is the simplest way to help a friend out. Just having someone who can listen to you when you are venting about everything that is bothering you can be a great help, it will show your friend you care about them. 


  1. Make specific offers to help

Be direct and tell your friend you can do a certain thing to help them. For example, if your friend has to take care of their sick mother and cannot go buy groceries, offer them to do that, they will surely appreciate it.


  1. Show support with your presence

Stopping by your friend’s house to say hello, accompanying them to places, and just being physically present makes a difference. A troubled person is better when they have company, being alone with their thoughts can make things worse. If your friend does not want company then do not try to convince them or force them to be with you , respect their decision and show support in another way. 

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