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Weirdest Quarter Ever

As all of you might know, quarter 2 of the 1st semester of 2019/20 has been disrupted due to several reasons. One of them, obviously, is due to a civil crisis in Bolivia that occurred about a month ago and ended two weeks ago. As a result of this, actual school days where we were able to attend shortened from 2 months to 1 month. Of course, we had our online classes during disruption day, but let’s be honest here, they don’t count as “real” classes. I’ll be happy if I learned a thing or two from them. 

Yeah, it was fun, not going to classes. It was enjoyable. Although, I guess people were bored to death and were longing to come back to school after the third week of disruption day. Moreover, the week when we finally came back was pretty chaotic as well. Although the school stated that students are not required to complete all formative assessments that were given out during disruption days, many teachers still made their students do all of them. Then, it was decided that there would be no official finals since there were only 3 weeks of school left. 

Until now, it seems like a good ending for us, right? We skipped classes; we don’t even have our finals. What possibly could go wrong?

Well, unfortunately for us, missing classes for a month as a way bigger deal than we might expect, and this is especially true for those who are taking AP classes. For normal classes, teachers understand what situation we were in, and can properly manage the course or the exams so that it is manageable for us students. AP classes, however, are totally different matters. First, the most important goal for all AP classes is passing the college board exam in May. Those exams are managed by the College Board and are directly send to us from the United States. This means that the College Board does not care whether we skipped the entire month or not. The exams will cover the entire year’s curriculum as usual. Students who are taking AP classes, however, almost skipped one month of that curriculum. This could result in some of us failing AP classes, which is not good. I would suggest advancing and moving foward with the class instead of taking finals for this semester since it would be much more beneficial in the long term. 

Keewan Kim

Keewan Kim is a 11th grader. He writes art editorials and is a Designer for the Newspaper Team. His favorite movie is Toy Story 3.

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