What a match!

As previously mentioned, the ACS soccer tournament between grades has been a bomb for the relationship between all high schoolers.  

The rules have changed, a little. The goals that the Seniors score will count as they should, however, the rule of the 4 goals of advantage has been kept. As mentioned in a previous article, the other high school teams have been underestimated by staff, STUCO and all the people who organize this soccer tournament.

First, the Freshmen destroyed the Juniors in their soccer match on Friday 15th. With the score 9 -1 in favor of the Freshmen, they have now taken the first position on the table of all high school. The Sophomores are second, in third place you can find the Seniors and finally the Juniors. Anyway, the youngsters in our school have shown how competitive they are. Everyone is looking forward to the next game with the desire to prove who is the best.

Great match Freshies! Hope to see the same soccer level of the Juniors and Seniors.

Sergio Gumucio

Sergio Gamucio, is a 12th grader. He writes Sports editorials and is part of the marketing group for the Newspaper Team. His favorite soccer team is Barcelona.

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