What are NFTs?

As the world slowly becomes more digital, some concepts like art are being digitized. With innovation and advances in technology, it is much easier to design digital art. Recently, the word NFT has been trending because of its innovative way to create and sell art. This new way of art has been trending for its high value and some pieces achieved. All the NFT’s like standard art are unique, which adds to the price. Digital creators can earn much profit since they don’t cost much to make. Some people may think with just a screenshot they may obtain an NFT, but it is much more than an image. NFT just like money cannot be replicated with a copy which makes them unique.

NFTs standing for Non-Fungible Token can take various forms. In simple terms, an NFT is a collectible digital asset that holds value. A similar concept that NFTs can be compared is to digital currency like Dogecoin and Bitcoin. NFTs can look different and could go from a song to an entire album. NFTs authenticity can be proven since each one contains a blockchain-minted with unique encryption codes which can verify its originality. NFTs, just like a painting, hold much value and some have been sold for great amounts of money. An example is “The Merge”, which holds the price to the most expensive NFT sold. On December 4, 2021, this NFT artwork was sold for around 91.8 million dollars. NFTs hold unique values and are different from any other artworks. 

As the world keeps changing, it is probable that many people will get an NFT, but since it is new, some uncertainties may arise when getting one. NFTs are a new innovative way of creating art that can revolutionize art in the future. Today this way of art is controversial because of its new concepts. NFT’s could potentially change modern art and how people will express themselves in future years. This could lead to more innovation in the art industry and could mark the beginning of a new era.

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