What Artists Have Been Doing During Quarantine

Thanks to COVID-19 we are all stuck inside the confines of our homes. As such, there’s no better time to begin doing art as a hobby and get involved in the art scene since quarantine has caused artists to experiment with different techniques and designs. So,  let me show you what four major artists have been up to during the quarantine.  


  1. Ugo Rondinone

First up, we have Ugo Rondinone, a famous Swedish painter and sculptor known for his fluorescent painted sculpture  Seven Magic Mountains. During quarantine, he began to do more personal art in various styles, watercolor being one of those. This art shown was an experiment at first since Ugo has not painted with watercolors since 2003. He said that when painting this piece of art he was brought back in time and felt closer to his young self.

  1. Eddie Martinez

Next, we have Eddie Martinez, who has also been working during quarantine doing all paintings and sculptures, the one being shown is one of his best artworks he has done. Eddie Martinez explained his feelings in an interview “Obviously there is a lot of anger and anxiety in this country right now, so I do feel some relief making these works and sharing them on Instagram” (Architectural Digest).

  1. Jean-Michel Othoniel

For the third artist, we have Jean-Michel Othoniel, known for his iconic hand-blown glass sculptures. During quarantine, the french artist painted a red heart for the Red Cross and published an Instagram video about it. The purpose of this painting was to get his followers to donate and spread positivity during such hard times.



  1. Eric Croes

Finally, we have Eric Croes. He is a Belgian artist who has created all sorts of art such as the sculpture above. Eric told Agricultural Digest that his quarantine art shows personal stories. The image shown is an example of a story he tells. He said that every day he changed or added something new depending on what happened that day. You can see different details all around the sculpture. In the same interview, Eric Croes stated, “God never closes a door without leaving a window open,” (Architectural Digest). He also states and that he prefers to enjoy life and quarantine, “Instead of drowning in melancholy ” (Architectural Digest). These statements show how he has taken quarantine in a positive light in order to create art. 


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