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What Can We Do to Help?

During this quarantine, we have all been struggling. Staying inside has stopped many businesses from producing goods; therefore, many organizations need our support. The elderly, animal refugees, and families who live in poverty need our help more than ever. Many of the organizations that support these vulnerable groups are not able to collect enough funds in order to help those in need; hence, we should do everything we can to help.

I am aware of the fact that quarantine has been affecting all of us, but in the majority of the cases, we are incredibly privileged and are able to satisfy our basic needs during this pandemic. There are several ways in which you can help. You can donate your Bono Universal, ask your parents to donate, or provide clothes and food for those who need it. You can visit COVID Bolivia on Instagram (covid_bolivia) for more information or scan this QR code in order to donate to all the organizations listed below:

Here is a list of organizations you can help:

  1. YAPA Bag: this organization helps the elderly, especially those who live in poverty and are unable to go buy goods.                                                             

2. Somos un Mismo Corazon: this organization provides food for people who live in poverty.

3. Senda Verde: Senda Verde is an animal refugee, that needs money for medicine and food for animals they rescued from animal trafficking and very poor conditions.

4. Fundacion Nuestra Esperanza: this organization helps children with cancer and their families. They provide shelter and food to the parents of the children when they come from rural areas of the country and help the children in and out of the hospital.             

5. Banco de Alimentos de Bolivia: this is a food bank, which collects food in order to give it to those in need.                                                               

6. Pañuelos Blancos: this organization collects food and essential goods from different spots in the city. You can provide a bag of goods and put a white piece of fabric on top. In that way, they can pick the goods up and distribute them to whoever needs it.                         

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